Submit An Opportunity

Who can submit an opportunity?

Any individual or opportunity provider who is aware of a new or existing youth leadership opportunity.

Who are opportunity providers?

Any group or organisation that provides leadership opportunities for young people in Aotearoa. For example, businesses, government agencies, schools, charities and/or community organisations. If you have an opportunity for rangatahi, we want to hear from you.

Why should I submit an opportunity?

By submitting an opportunity to our database, you are sharing the opportunity with more young people in Aotearoa and supporting our kaupapa by making access to youth leadership more transparent, fair, and equitable for all young people in Aotearoa New Zealand.

How can I submit an opportunity?

Complete the form below. Thank you for helping to reduce the opportunity divide in Aotearoa. 

What happens when I submit an opportunity?

Your opportunity will be added to our Rangatahi Leadership Opportunities Database within 48 hours. If we have any questions about your submission, we will contact you or the nominated preferred contact person through the email address provided below.

Thank you for helping to reduce the opportunity divide in Aotearoa New Zealand!

Fill out your opportunity details below

  • Who is managing this opportunity/event/programme/award?
  • E.g. dd/mm/yy, June/July each year, Term 2, Ongoing,etc.
  • Please enter the final date to apply in dd/mm/yy format, "unknown" if unknown, or "ongoing" if recurring.

Kia ora!