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Nau mai, haere mai! Welcome to the Rangatahi Leadership Opportunities Database, Aotearoa NZ’s first free, single-source, open-access database that provides crowdsourced information on all leadership opportunities available to young people under 35 in Aotearoa.

Explore our database to find your next opportunity or reduce the opportunity divide by sharing an opportunity. 

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Our Kaupapa

To make access to youth leadership more transparent, fair, and equitable for all young people in Aotearoa New Zealand

Our Story

Diverse leadership across all sectors and at every level of society is important to making Aotearoa more inclusive and fair. Every young person should have the opportunity to reach their full leadership potential. However, there is currently an opportunity divide in Aotearoa. Not all young people have equal access to leadership opportunities that can grow their confidence, unlock their leadership potential, and increase their “merit.” Lack of transparency (not knowing what opportunities are available and when or how to apply) is a key barrier to leadership participation. And we’re here to change that! 

This volunteer-run project is one small but important step to increasing the pool of next-generation leaders. We began this project in July 2021 and officially launched the Database at Youth Week 2022 – but our future relies on everyone taking part. 

The Rangatahi Leadership Opportunities Database is brought to you by Multiethnic Young Leaders NZ.

Why Join?

Access our database to find leadership opportunities for you, your students and/or your community.

• Access additional support (currently only available to students and graduates from Decile 1-3 high schools).

• Submit opportunities to help increase access to opportunities for young people in Aotearoa.

• Stay up to date on the latest youth leadership opportunities in Aotearoa and beyond.

All this for free, for everyone, forever.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, this database does not include scholarships, job/employment vacancies or regular volunteering opportunities, all of which we also recognise are important to developing our next generation of diverse leaders.

Anyone and everyone! Removing barriers to access for young people in Aotearoa requires everyone to be involved. This database thrives on the collective engagement and contribution of every young person, school, teacher, youth leadership opportunity provider, government agency, community, organisation, and member of the public.

We invite you to share about the database, browse for opportunities on the database, and/or contribute to the opportunities on the database.

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